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February 12, 2018
12:00 pm (Noon) Eastern Standard Time

Phone: (712) 451-1099
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Jessie Malinowski • Chief Steward 

Mike Winegar • Assistant Chief Steward

Dan Stone • Scheduling Committee Chairperson

Mike Swickheimer • Hotel Committee Chairperson

Kelli Sherman • Professional Standards Committee

Edyta Hansen • Safety Committee Chairperson

The Union has done 26 disciplinary phone conferences with Flight Attendants thus far for January. Two of the most common occurrences are Unable to Contact (UTC’s) where a RSV FA fails to contact scheduling back within the 20 minute time frame and No Call No Show’s (NOS). This is failing to call scheduling that you are running late or reporting at your report time. NOS’s are worth 2 occurrences. We hope you find this information useful and we will continue to improve our communication and transparency unlike any time before. If you have suggestions or comments, please email them to:

We had our first Open Call on December 11th and our second one December 27th. Below are a review of some of the questions that were presented on these calls.

Q: What is the current retirement with YX?

A: In order to retire at YX you must be 55 years of age and have a minimum of 10 years of service. 401k benefits and travel privileges.

Q: Commuter Clause, will there be extra in the new contract?

A: This will be discussed during negotiations

Q: Can you stop Flight Attendants from dropping all their RSV days and picking up trips from out of base?

A: The current language of the contract does not restrict this. The trade board is to open at noon on the 23rd for “ALL” Flight Attendants and the requests will be done on a first come first serve basis. This is something that the negotiating team is reviewing and will be discussed in negotiations.

Q. Will the Union reveal to us the progress of negotiations?

A: The Negotiating Team will not reveal specifics of the meetings as these are confidential and for good reason. You can trust that this team is working very hard for what is in the best interest of this work group. We can say that the first session has gone very smoothly, unlike in the past. We are working on problems or concerns that both parties have and finding solutions that satisfy each side.

Q: The voting on the current contract was less than transparent. What will be in place this time?

A: The Union has confirmed to all Flight Attendants that this voting procedure will be done electronically by a third party.

Danny Barton, President

Jeff Combs, Secretary Treasurer

Jesse Malinowski, Chief Steward

Michael R Winegar, Asst Chief Steward

1233 Shelby Street

Indianapolis, IN 46203

IBT Local 135 Bass Tournament
Patoka Lake, Indiana. April 14th, 2018
Information available at here.

2018 Teamsters Bowling for Charity
10th Annual Tournament to benefit Indy Honor Flight
March 24th, 2018 at 1:00pm