Local 135



Danny L. Barton • President

I joined Teamsters Local #299 in Detroit, Jimmy Hoffa’s Local, in 1968 working for Ellis Trucking Company. Ellis was bought out by Navajo FreightLines, I served as both Alternate Steward and Steward for 8 years. I was transferred to Local 135 in Indianapolis in July 1972. I went to work for Local 135 as a Business Representative in 1978. I was appointed Secretary-Treasurer in 1988 and held that position until I was appointed President in 1996. I have 2 sons, a daughter and 2 grandsons.

Jeffrey W. Combs • Secretary-Treasurer

I joined the Teamsters in 1985 when I went to work for Consolidated Freightways. Then I went to work at Olinger Distributors in 1987, and became Union Steward in 1989. I went to work for the International as an Organizer in 2002. I became an Organizer/Business Representative in 2003 for the Local. I have organized several companies during my career at the Local, totaling over 2500 new members. As a Business Representative I have represented and negotiated with various companies in several different industries. I was appointed as a Trustee to the Executive Board and Assistant to the President in 2011, and in May of 2017 I was appointed Secretary-Treasurer.


Michael W. Hubrecht • Vice President

I grew up in a Union household. My father was a Road Driver for Viking Freight, which later merged into Spector Freight, and belonged to Local 135 for almost his entire career. My career began in 1970, working for United Parcel Service and belonging to Local 710 until 1972. Later, in 1974, I began driving over-the-road for Transcon Lines, and became a member of Local 135. I was employed with Transcon until 1981, and for the last five years of my employment there, I served as an Alternate Union Steward. In 1981, I became a City driver for Preston Trucking Company, and also served as an Alternate Union Steward. In 1989, I became a Business Agent for Local 135. I worked out of the Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana offices, until I began working out of the Indianapolis office. I have negotiated many miscellaneous contracts in numerous sectors and represent those members, as well as representing members in Master Freight and at United Parcel Service. I became the Recording Secretary in 2008. I am very proud to serve under the strong leadership of this wonderful local union.


Alan D. Bevins • Recording Secretary

I joined the Teamsters in 1983 when I went to work for Airborne Express which later became DHL Express. I was elected Union Steward in 1986 with 21 members and when I left there in 1996 we had 270 Airborne Express members in Indiana, thanks in large part to then Secretary Treasurer Ron Foster and Teamsters Local 135. I was hired as a Business Agent by Local 135 on Labor Day 1996 and I have attended Labor Classes at Cornel University, Indiana University, and I.U.P.U.I. I have negotiated numerous contracts for Dairy, Steel, Manufacturing, Trucking, Clerical, Vending, Construction, and Concrete companies. I married Judy in 1975 and we have 2 sons Jason and Joseph and three red headed grandchildren Ryan, Christopher, and Ashley. There can be no doubt that the Teamsters contract changed my life financially, doubling my income and providing my family with health insurance and a pension that we otherwise could not have afforded. I will be forever grateful to Teamsters Local 135.

Mike Morris • Trustee

I came from a Teamsters family, my father was a Teamster for 30 years employed at Yellow Transit as a mechanic. I worked several jobs when I was in high school such as, Schilling & Chilling Air, Fort Benjamin Harrison Finance Center and Hemisphere Industrial. I went onto graduate from Crispus Attuck High School in 1973 and started my first Union job in construction at American Aggregates. While employed at American Aggregates for 8 years I participated in my first contract negotiations. In 1981 I went to work for Yellow Freight, now YRC, where I have been employed for 37 years. During my tenure I was Chief Union Steward for 8 years and currently an Alternate Union Steward. I have been a Local 135 Trustee since July 2015 and currently hold the same Officer position. I have been married for 44 years with 3 children, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.


Sarah Revard • Trustee

I began my Teamster career as a member working at Coca Cola where, in 2004, I was elected Chief Steward.  In 2007 I was appointed by President Danny L. Barton, as a Trustee to the Executive Board.   In 2012 I left my employment at Coke and also resigned my position as Trustee in order to work as an organizer for Teamsters Joint Council 69.   I transitioned to Local 135 as a Business Representative/Organizer in 2013 and in 2017 I was honored to once again be appointed as a Trustee to the Executive Board.


Kenny Jones • Trustee/Business Agent

I began my career as a Teamster in 1976 working for Commercial Lovelace Trucking.  I then worked at ANR Freight System.  My next employer was Holland Motor Express; I became Chief Union Steward in 2002.  I have attended Steward Training Classes through this Local as well as receiving hands on training. I became a Business Agent at Local 135 in 2013. I was appointed as a Trustee to the Executive Board in 2017.  I currently hold both positions. I am very honored to serve this Local and its members