Local 135



Danny L. Barton • President

I joined Teamsters Local #299 in Detroit, Jimmy Hoffa’s Local, in 1968 working for Ellis Trucking Company. Ellis was bought out by Navajo FreightLines, I served as both Alternate Steward and Steward for 8 years. I was transferred to Local 135 in Indianapolis in July 1972. I went to work for Local 135 as a Business Representative in 1978. I was appointed Secretary-Treasurer in 1988 and held that position until I was appointed President in 1996. I have 2 sons, a daughter and 2 grandsons.

Jeffrey W. Combs • Secretary-Treasurer

I joined the Teamsters in 1985 when I went to work for Consolidated Freightways. Then I went to work at Olinger Distributors in 1987, and became Union Steward in 1989. I went to work for the International as an Organizer in 2002. I became an Organizer/Business Representative in 2003 for the Local. I have organized several companies during my career at the Local, totaling over 2500 new members. As a Business Representative I have represented and negotiated with various companies in several different industries. I was appointed as a Trustee to the Executive Board and Assistant to the President in 2011, and in May of 2017 I was appointed Secretary-Treasurer.

Jeffrey T. Sperring • Vice President


Sarah Revard • Recording Secretary

I began my Teamster career as a member working at Coca Cola where, in 2004, I was elected Chief Steward.  In 2007 I was appointed by President Danny L. Barton, as a Trustee to the Executive Board.   In 2012 I left my employment at Coke and also resigned my position as Trustee in order to work as an organizer for Teamsters Joint Council 69.   I transitioned to Local 135 as a Business Representative/Organizer in 2013 and in 2017 I was honored to once again be appointed as a Trustee to the Executive Board.


Kenny Jones • Trustee/Business Agent

I began my career as a Teamster in 1976 working for Commercial Lovelace Trucking.  I then worked at ANR Freight System.  My next employer was Holland Motor Express; I became Chief Union Steward in 2002.  I have attended Steward Training Classes through this Local as well as receiving hands on training. I became a Business Agent at Local 135 in 2013. I was appointed as a Trustee to the Executive Board in 2017.  I currently hold both positions. I am very honored to serve this Local and its members

Jerry Patchon • Trustee

Shawn Strain • Trustee