Black Steward Spotlight: Michael P. Johnson


Today, we share the story of Michael P. Johnson, a steward at Target Metal Blanking and 11-year Teamster member. 

When Johnson started at Target, he viewed union membership as an obligation. He has since seen the hard work, family dynamic, dedication, and value of being a part of Teamsters Local 135. 

When Johnson started at Target, he viewed union membership as an obligation. But he was inspired by former stewards to see the value in being a Teamster. 

“I don’t like bullies. I feel that many times people that are put into supervision positions, some not all, use the position to bully those that may not have the courage to stand up for themselves,” says Johnson. 

Johnson’s fellow members noticed his integrity and encouraged him to run for shop steward. Now he stands up for workers as a Teamsters Local 135 steward. 

Johnson also learned about unions from his father, who was a union member in the healthcare industry in New York City. His experiences growing up as a Black man influenced his current commitment to building inclusion and understanding. 

“I believe being open to understanding others allows you to be a better person,” says Johnson. It helps you understand why a person may hold certain beliefs. I use that mindset in my everyday life including the workplace.”