Construction Teamsters Matter!


Local 135 has taken a firm position, protecting area standards in our Construction Division like never before. After years of our members being discarded, while industry standards were continually allowed to be decimated, things are changing at a rapid pace for our members working under the, “Heavy Highway” & “Local 135 Dump Truckers Agreements,” respectively.

In January, the new Leadership of Local 135 agreed unanimously and approved the reinvestment of funds back into the division, by making more legal resources available and adding boots on the ground for our Agents to hold shitty employers accountable.

“We’re not going to sit idle and let our members suffer any longer, those days are long gone,” said Dustin Roach, President of Local 135.

“It was made clear during our campaign that our members were desperate for Leadership that would actually back them up and not sell them out. We‘ve taken a militant approach in our representation efforts to ensure industry standards are protected and employers who sneak around and aren’t doing right by our members are held being accountable. Our Construction Agents and new Field Representatives, lead by Local 135’s Construction Division Chairman, John Oswalt, are changing the industry like never before. We’ve got a lot of work ahead but we’ve made a ton of progress so far and we intend on keeping the pedal down. Our members are happy to see us out there and frankly, they deserve it after years of complacency and concessions in the industry,” continued Roach. “It’s a new era in the Teamsters Union and employers should take note.”