Here We Go Again–Buckle Up, Sysco!


The next round of coordinated bargaining is underway for nearly 500 Teamsters at Sysco. Early this morning, job actions were held by Local 89 members at Sysco Louisville and Local 135 members at Sysco Indianapolis to remind the company that Teamsters are united for strong contracts nationwide. Teamsters at both Sysco locations are currently in negotiations and standing together at the table to win the protections they deserve.

From coast to coast, Teamsters at Sysco locations are sending a strong message to the company that an attack on one is an attack on all.

“The Warehouse Division continues to bring locals and members together through coordinated bargaining. Under this strategy, we will continue to flex our collective muscle to win strong contracts at Sysco,” said Tom Erickson, Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. “We are seeing the results time and again, and this next round of bargaining will be no different. The Teamsters are united at the table and have each other’s backs.” 

Teamsters nationwide are standing up and fighting for what they deserve at America’s largest broadline food distributor. Last fall, the whole country watched as Teamsters in several locations fought back, stayed together, and won big at Sysco. Communities stood with them, and the public was on their side. Everyone acknowledges that Teamsters are essential to the growth of the American economy, and that food doesn’t get to the dinner table, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes without Teamsters.

The Teamsters will never back down when it comes to getting members strong contracts that improves pay, safety, and working conditions. Members know their value and won’t settle for anything less.