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If you are a member of Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund, please visit or call 317-639-3573

If you are a healthcare provider looking for information about claims you have filed, please visit, and visit our provider portal. Please respect the health privacy of our members and do not send Protected Health Information (PHI) over unencrypted email.

Because of the innovative thinking of


Danny L. Barton



Jeff Combs

A free clinic for members only was opened in 2014.

Local 135 has always been member focused and realizes how important it is to have good health benefits for the membership, and with that in mind, the first clinic was opened in the state of Indiana thru Local 135 for members insured under Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund. Only 3 years later and thru the success of opening the first clinic, members now have access to 10 clinics throughout the state!

Because I am a member of Local 135 and Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund…

Members who have used the clinic have this to say:

Through the help of my new doctor at the Indianapolis clinic, I now have control of my health

I knew that I had to lose weight, but after trying so many times unsuccessfully I had given up. Now thanks to the free clinic Local 135 made available to me, I have lost 80 Lbs and counting. At the clinic I have a health coach that has walked with me every step of the way. Hurray!!

Every year flu season came along I dreaded making an appointment to my doctor’s office to get my shot. Sometimes I would wait 1 hour past my appointment time just to get the flu shot. Now at the clinic, I walk in and out within 5 minutes.

I used to pay out of pocket to get my CDL physical. Now thanks to the services offered at the Teamsters clinic, I don’t have any out of pocket cost be-cause all services at the clinic are FREE!

All services provided at the

Medical Clinic are at


to the member and their family

No charge for an annual physical

No charge for visits with a physician or physician assistant

No charge for CDL physical

No charge for lab tests performed at the Medical Clinic

No charge for many preventive vaccinations

No charge for generic drugs Prescribed / available

More Benefits

Members and their Spouses have the opportunity to earn up to $300 in gift cards for completing an annual physical at the Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund Medical Clinic and participating in health coaching with Activate Healthcare.

The Clinic is available to members and eligible dependents.

Please call and make an appoint-ment, keeping you the member in mind we have made sure that ALL CLINICS have hours as early as 6:00am and as late as 7:00pm to accommodate various members work schedules.

Please call us and ask how you and your family can take advantage of these great benefits.

Teamsters Local 135

6007 S. Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN 46217



If you are a member covered under Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund, please contact us for more information


Activate Clinics

As part of your union membership, Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund Members and qualified dependents may visit these Active Clinics Free of charge.