Why organize?

Why do employers try to talk employees out of organizing? Without a Union, management can decrease, change or eliminate a benefit, policy or working condition at any time. Employers know that with a union, workers gain the power to make their voices heard. That’s exactly what a Union is all about: having dignity and respect on the job and having the power to stand up for ourselves, our families, and our future. If we want to change conditions in the workplace we must stand up and be counted, together we are stronger! The Teamsters Union’s belief is that every working man and woman is entitled to a job that provides a decent standard of living, equal treatment and dignity and respect on the job.

The only way to gain real, positive changes int he workplace is to get it in writing; a legally binding Teamster Union contract covers such rights as:

  • Pay levels and Pay raises

  • Health Coverage

  • Job Security

  • Promotions

  • Paid time off for vacations and holidays

  • Retirement benefits

  • Rules about how you must be treated on the job

Your contract is negotiated with management by your co-workers and Teamsters leaders. Every member has a right to make suggestions about what should be in the contract and to vote on the final agreement.

To contact an organizer, please call Local 135 at 317-639-3541