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Indianapolis & Chicago UPS Teamsters United for a Good Contract


Yesterday morning, a sea of brown appeared as members gathered outside of UPS 81st Street in Indianapolis! As we continue to hold Practice Picketing at locations throughout 135, the message is clear, our members are ready & willing to stand up and fight back!

UPS made BILLIONS of dollars, while their hardworking, essential employees worked through the dark days of COVID, with little to no respect and they’re coming to get some of that back. It’s time for UPS to PAYUP!

Several of our local elected government officials came out, including a majority of the City County Council in Indianapolis. They let our members know they’re not alone in this fight and will be there anytime needed!

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Vice President At-Large and Principal Officer of Local 705, Juan Campos, came to town. Juan marched our practice picket lines and then lead the group in a chant- “WHO ARE WE?” After delivering a powerful message of what solidarity among rank and file members means to winning a strong contract, then said it like it was, calling out UPS for their greed and disrespect towards our members through the years.

After rallying and picketing were complete, 135 President Dustin Roach, Secretary Treasurer Sarah Revard, Trustee Kerry Dearth and IBTVP Juan Campos walked the hub meeting members where they’re at. They answered questions and discussed issues or concerns members had with the upcoming contract expiration and were welcomed with a high level of support and excitement.

“I’m proud of the strength our UPS Members have built in such a short time. They’re the real damn deal and this proves that,” said Local 135 President Dustin Roach. “Our Members are taking on this fight from the bottom up and making it their own. They filled the street for this event in an incredible show of solidarity. The energy was in the air and it was infectious as hell. We’re ready, they’re ready, let’s go. After our action, I got notification that UPS reached out to resume National Negotiations— talk about perfect timing! I’m taking our members energy, fight and solidarity back with me to DC next week.”