Kroger Teamsters Bargaining Update & New Web Page


Kroger Teamsters: Read our latest bargaining update below, then check out the new web page just for Kroger members. It’s a one-stop shop for bargaining updates, information on our contract demands, and know-your-rights resources. Click here to visit.

Our contract expires on June 30. Your bargaining team spent about twenty hours at the table with Kroger management on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dozens of members came out to show support.

We presented our non-economic proposals including new language on subcontracting, members’ rights, work rules and more.  

Progress was made on a few basic proposals and resulted in about 20% of our proposals in tentative agreement, all non-economic, leaving 80% of our non-economic proposals rejected or ignored.

We will return to the table on June 17 to revisit our unresolved proposals and to introduce economic proposals.

“Although progress was slow in bargaining this week, I was glad to find our union and the company agree that a pension should be on the table,” said Shop Steward Greg Gorman.

“For the first time we all had an opportunity to participate in bargaining. We only have five more days of bargaining scheduled – hopefully management will come back to the table ready to move forward on our demands,” said Monika Spears, Shop Steward.

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