Linde Gas Strike Authorization Approved


Today, Local 135 Members working at Linde Gas told the Company to take their final offer and shove it and should the company not meet their demands, the members approved a Strike Authorization vote as well.

Prior to leaving for DC to join the National UPS Negotiations Committee, Local 135 President, Dustin Roach, was present for this important meeting. “I’m proud of these members for standing together and being willing to take on their multimillion dollar employer,” said Roach. “My message to the group was simple- NO MORE! We will back you up with every available resource this Local has at its disposal, until your employer meets your demands. Your Company has nothing without you- remember that! If fair wages can’t be negotiated in bargaining, we’ll hit the streets until they can be… F*** ‘em.

Linde has until May 17th, when our contract expires to address our members concerns, if they don’t, it shouldn’t be a surprise, I won’t hesitate to approve another strike action in our Local. The ball is in their court, but the clock is ticking.”

Local 135 Secretary-Treasurer, Sarah Revard was also present at today’s meeting. “In the past five months, members at three different companies have went on strike to get what they deserve. It appears more employers may need a wake-up call and that’s ok, they’ll get it, that’s a proven fact around here anymore. We stand ready and willing to support our members in their fight,” said Revard.

Local 135 represents members working at Linde Gas in Indianapolis and throughout the state, covered by separate agreements. This contract specifically covers members working under the Indianapolis collective bargaining agreement.