Local 135 Congratulates Chicago US Foods Teamsters on their Tentative Agreement


More than 130 US Foods Teamsters in Chicago’s Local 705 have won a Tentative Agreement on a new contract after three weeks on strike and nationwide picket line extensions, including to Indianapolis, where Local 135 members stood firm and refused to cross the picket line.

“I was so proud to see our members stand up to US Foods’ bullying and refuse to cross the picket line,” said Local 135 US Foods Chief Steward Terrell Saunders. “Together with locals across the country, we showed the company that when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Congratulations to our Chicago brothers and sisters on your historic fight and victory!”

“Congratulations to our US Foods brothers and sisters in Local 705 on reaching their Tentative Agreement! This fight was necessary and for a righteous cause,” added Teamsters Local 135 President Dustin Roach. “I’m damn proud of our US Foods members in Local 135 for honoring the picket line extension in our location. You held strong, this victory is your victory! Employers are taking notice, we’re not the Teamsters we once were. We’re not fighting alone anymore and we will support our members at all costs to achieve the contract they deserve.”

See the letter from Local 705’s Secretary Treasurer Juan Campos on the new Tentative Agreement below.