Local 135 Hosts Airline Division Training


Local 135 is hosting the Teamsters Airline Division’s Critical Incident Response Program Training. We had a full house of Flight Attendants, Pilots, and Technicians–all Teamsters from various airlines–joined together in the name of safety and mental health.

“This training will further enhance the Safety Committee members’ ability to offer peer-to-peer support to mitigate the impact of an incident, before stress damages their job performance and mental health, says Local 135 Safety Committee Chair Edyta Hansen. “We’re thrilled to work in unity with Pilots Local 357 and their successful programs. Teamster Strong!”

“This training enhances our Professional Standards Committee by demonstrating the effectiveness of peer-to-peer programs,” adds Matt Tomblin, Local 135 Professional Standards Committee Chair. “These programs help us cope with and reduce the stress from work-related incidents, which can harm our performance, careers and health. It also fosters stronger bonds among the Locals and the Airline Division.”