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Local 135 Teamsters Triumphant at Sysco!


Sysco Teamsters ratified a new, hard-fought contract today after 2 weeks on strike. Over 90% voted for the new contract covering 160 Teamsters. It includes significant wage increases, a 6th week of vacation, and MLK Day as a paid holiday. We won this through unity on the picket line and solidarity with our Sysco brothers and sisters in Louisville Local 89. Together, we are unstoppable!

“It was incredible to see everyone coming together, from drivers to warehouse workers, to create the unity we needed to win,” says Marcus Irvin, a Local 135 Steward at Sysco. “Before the strike, younger members might have only known they were union members, but now they know what being a union member is all about: it’s about becoming a family that fights for each other.”