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Local 135 to Yellow: Stop the Lies, Make Our Members Whole


As Yellow Freight continues not paying our members benefits, time is running out for them to do so. Before you know it, the hardworking, dedicated men and women of this company will be without. Instead of doing right by their employees, the Company decided to have pre-shift meetings with our members, lodging lies and placing blame on everyone but themselves.

After the Company had their first pre-shift meeting this morning, Local 135 President Dustin Roach was informed of what was being said. Roach and Recording Secretary Tim Jordan, went to every meeting after and called the company out on their lies. In addition, Roach directed Local 135’s General Counsel to file Unfair Labor Practice charges against the company with the National Labor Relations Board due to threats being issued from management.

Every member in attendance today during President Roach’s pre-shift meetings, was very supportive and grateful that Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien, the Freight Division and the new leadership of Local 135 is standing up for them and not allowing what’s happened in the past to continue.

Darryl, a long-time member of Local 135 and driver out of the Holland terminal said this afternoon, “They’ve been doing this to us for so long, we can’t allow it to continue, it’s shameful. They’re stealing from us, they just need to pay our benefits, we earned them.“

We call on Yellow Freight to make our members whole and pay for the benefits they’ve worked so hard to obtain.