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Local 135 Turns Out for Worldwide Flight Attendant Day of Action


Local 135 Flight Attendants joined nearly 100,000 colleagues across 24 airlines in a worldwide Flight Attendant Day of Action on Tuesday, February 13. Informational pickets at 30+ major airports demanded long-overdue improvements, built cross-union solidarity, and showed the world that corporate greed doesn’t fly!

Teamsters Local 135 Chief Steward Suzanne Shafer and fellow 135 Steward Elle McCollough stood in solidarity with their Flight Attendant family outside Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport. 

Shafer told CNN: “A living wage is not in the [flight attendant] industry, and we put in a lot of hours for the few hours that we get paid. It’s not uncommon to be on duty for 12-16 hours and get compensated between 4 and 6. We are not living in the 1920s, this is 2024. We need to be paid and compensated appropriately and treated with respect.”

“Today was a show of solidarity between unions representing Flight Attendants around the country. While this is not our contract, this IS our fight,” said Local 135 President Dustin Roach. “Local 135’s contract with Republic Airways becomes amendable in 2027 and we intend on getting what we’re owed. Solidarity across airline unions is what it’s going to take to win.”

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants took a strike authorization vote yesterday and Flight Attendants at American Airlines are asking again for permission to strike. Companies under the RLA have to go through many steps before being able to ‘self help’ which usually means the ability to strike.

“We’re working harder than ever with long days, short nights, more time away from family, and in some of the most difficult working conditions of our history. Working conditions and pay have been eroded by consistent operational issues and cost of living significantly higher following the pandemic,” said a spokesperson for the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA).

Teamsters Local 135 is building our relationships not only with other Flight Attendant unions, but also with other airline Teamster locals, including Teamsters Local 357, which represents Republic Airways pilots.

“Seeing the solidarity growing in our ranks and in the industry, gives me hope for the fight we have coming up in the future,” adds Roach. “Local 135 supports ALL Airline Workers in their fights. Thank you to our members who went and stood with Flight Attendants in other Unions today! Solidarity matters. Solidarity wins.”