Transervice Teamsters Reach “Life-Changing” Tentative Agreement


Transervice Teamsters in Local 135 just reached a strong Tentative Agreement after nearly two years of organizing. The agreement includes significant economic advances, almost 60 new changes to language protecting members, and no concessions.

There will be a Ratification Meeting this Saturday, December 23 from 7am-11am at the Union Hall. All Transervice Teamsters should attend to hear Tentative Agreement details, ask questions, and vote on the agreement. 

See the fliers below for more information on the Ratification Meeting and Tentative Agreement highlights.

Economic gains include:

  • Drivers receive a base 22% increase in year one, followed by 3.7% in year two and 3.7% in year three (includes both hourly and mileage raises)
  • Mechanics receive a $5 raise in year one, followed by $0.75 in year two and $1.25 in year three

Language improvements include:

  • Penalty pay on grievances for drivers (including non-monetary grievances)
  • A Subcontracting Transparency List to protect mechanics’ work and penalties if the company fails to contact members before subcontracting
  • A Transparency List for drivers with penalty pay
  • Fairer bid procedures 

Transervice Teamsters began organizing during local union elections in 2021. “We used the 135 Members First campaign to start talking to members about the upcoming contract and how we deserve better this time around,” said Transervice Chief Steward and bargaining committee member Bob Axum. 

One of the sore points from the previous contract was insulting $0.50/hour and $0.01/mile yearly raises. 

“I came to Transervice from Yellow,” says driver Brian Steele. “I was so happy to still have a Teamster job and health insurance, but I told the guys: ‘This pay is not up to union standards.’ We had to fight for a better economic package.”

Members sported “Transervice: Dollars not Cents” hats during the campaign. They attended Local 135’s Contract Campaign Summit in February, and held nearly 20 Contract Proposal Meetings. Open bargaining involved more members and built power.

“For the first time in my career, everyone was allowed to witness the negotiation process,” said 32-year Transervice Teamster Steve Wisniewski. “On the first day of negotiations, we outnumbered the company 19 to 5. That showed them we were serious.”

“We out-prepared the company,” said Axum.