UPS Teamsters: Sign up for the 9.5 List by January 5 


Sign the 9.5 list by January 5 to stop excessive overtime, get your dispatch adjusted, and make UPS pay for violations.

UPS Teamsters won stronger 9.5 rights in the new contract. It’s time to enforce them. The first step is for every RPCD to sign up for the 9.5 list.

How 9.5 Rights Work 

After you sign up, if UPS works you over 9.5 hours three times in a week, the company must pay triple time for all hours you work over 9.5 hours on any day during the week.

If the company violates your 9.5 rights more than four times, you can have the local hold an elevated meeting with the District Labor Manager. If the company continues to violate your 9.5 rights after the elevated meeting, you will be paid quadruple time for every hour worked over 9.5 hours. 

9.5 Rights Eligibility

Every RPCD can and should sign the 9.5 list. All drivers who had 9.5 rights under the previous contract will maintain their eligibility. 

Former 22.4 drivers who are now RPCDs qualify for 9.5 rights if:

  • You have a bid route
  • You cover the same route for a full week or you are prevented from completing your route because the company changes your assignment
  • You have more than 4 years seniority as a package driver

Even if you are not going to be 9.5 eligible every week, you should still sign the 9.5 list. That way you will get your 9.5 penalty pay as soon as you are eligible. 

Talk to your shop steward about signing the 9.5 list.