UPS Tentative Agreement Informational Meetings


With members mobilized around the country, the UPS National Negotiations Committee was able to win a historic contract for our members. In an unprecedented fashion, there were more changes than ever before and none took us backwards.

Agents, Officers & Stewards will be going to locations all over to answer questions. We also want to open up the Hall for meetings so you can be assured your question gets answered.

We will have TWO meetings at the Indianapolis Union Hall.

The August 5th meeting ONLY, special guest, Article 43 chairman, Carl Snodgrass will be joining us by Zoom. Carl is the expert and guru when it comes to anything feeder related. For ALL Feeder Drivers the Saturday meeting would be the best for you to attend! Carl will NOT be able to attend the Sunday meeting. If you’re out on a sleeper run or you just can’t make it, we are also going to do it by zoom.

However, this meeting is for All UPS Members. We will go line by line through the changes and explain what they mean and we’ll take any and all questions you have.

Please make all efforts to attend.

To join via Zoom, e-mail Kevin Parham at

Please include your name, classification what building you report too.

We hope to see you here!