Local 135 is working to do everything we can to support all Teamsters impacted by Yellow Corp.’s profound mismanagement and its recent shutdown of operations. The following resources may be helpful to you if you are a Yellow member. This page will be updated on a running basis as we continue to identify resources and information.


Following Yellow closing its doors, we are focusing on ensuring all brothers and sisters previously employed at Yellow are fully paid for their work. To do so, we need you to answer the below questions, please read each one carefully and answer accordingly.

  1. Did you receive your last paycheck for work through July 30th 2023? If you did not, please let us know your job classification, the last day you worked and your contractual rate of pay.
  2. If you did receive your last paycheck, were there any discrepancies? Were you shorted pay, were your 401K payments deducted, were Union Dues and Drive payments deducted, did you receive a cash-out of sick pay or vacation pay etc.
  3. Were all deductions listed on your paycheck forwarded to the appropriate entity (for example, 401K Plan, garnishments, child support etc.)?
  4. What is the date on the paycheck or direct deposit of the paycheck
  5. What is the date you received the paycheck or the date it was deposited into your bank account? 


When responding, please include your full name, address and last four of your SS#.
Submit your DETAILED responses to:

resources & Support

Indiana Unemployment


Pension Information—Central States

  • Phone: 1-800-323-5000
  • Website      


Hiring Employers: Visit the Teamsters Career Center Here, or View the List Below


Kreative Compassion Distribution Event for Former Yellow Employees: August 12